Mains’l Growing As A Person Centered Organization

Guided by staff from the The Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota biggest and wholesale MLB jerseys Support Development Associates, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is using the experiences of small cross disciplinary cohorts, including Mains’l, to identify what is important to Conference people accessing services, and what is important for them (required by), given the rules, regulations, and legislative and congressional mandates. Over a two year period, we are learning how Contato to balance the oftentimes conflicting interests cheap nfl jerseys of people and public resources, and what to change to facilitate statewide culture change in service delivery systems.

Says Anne Roehl from the Research and Training cheap NFL jerseys Center on Community Living:

“It’s a good thing that Mains’l staff have as cheap MLB jerseys much fun as they do dedication to their work, because the Person Centered Organization work is not for the faint of heart!

Mains’l is moving into year two of these organized efforts to keep growing as a Person Centered Organization — there are SO many new initiatives happening at Mains’l right now! Sometimes change gets messy, but partnering with you in this process has been a lot of fun. Mains’l staff at all levels of the organization are engaged, rolling up their sleeves, and leading change efforts!

Everyone is working hard to share information and to organize around new ideas. Existing and new coaches are connecting to enhance their own skills and support others to build skills– they are a great resource for anyone who has questions about applying Person Centered Thinking in their work.

When you see a coach, be sure to use them! Ask for help with a sticky situation, or find out what they’re working on as Closed a coach. One of the “jobs” of a coach is to listen for what’s working/what’s not working as we all move along this journey together.

Keep up the great work, Mains’l. The more that everyone engages, the more change becomes possible!”

Additional Person Centered Resources available here.